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Her Brain Chose for Her

Pre-test Instructions

Before beginning this training tool, please take 5-10 minutes to complete a pre-test through the OAITH learning portal here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VTTpretestpublic

Following completion of the tool, which we recommend spacing out over several weeks, you will be able to do a post-test which will help us to determine how effectively the tool increases your knowledge and service capacity: .

Completing This Tool

This interactive workbook contains black and white illustrations which are designed to be coloured in by the learner using felt tip markers or pencil crayons. The colouring exercises, video links and discussion and/or reflection questions will assist the reader in visualizing the neurobiology of trauma.

A number of illustrations within this application are electronically interactive. Illustrations in the following sections can be coloured in using this application:

The Vicarious Trauma Tree Tracker can be completed using electronic text and saved for your own records. After you are done electronically interacting with the images noted above, click anywhere on the image to print and/or save on your own computer. No record of your colouring or text entered into the application will be stored by OAITH.

Try out the colouring tool by colouring this hand and pencil

hand holding pencil

Project Background Information

The Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses (OAITH) is a member-based coalition of first stage women shelters, second stage housing programs, and community-based women’s organizations. Together, we work towards eliminating violence against all women in Ontario. Our initiatives include training and resource development, advocacy, public awareness, and government relations to improve social policies that impact women and their children.

In January 2018, OAITH received funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services to lead a 4-year province-wide training and resource project focused on ending violence against older women (VAOW), by increasing the capacity of all professionals in Ontario who provide support, services, or care to older women experiencing violence.

Please visit the Aging Without Violence section of the OAITH website to access a full list of current project advisory members, resources, tools, and training opportunities focused on older women experiencing violence.